Submissive to men in London

It wasn’t the first time she was exposed to the frigid air of London in the winter while she worked. It wasn’t as much of an inconvenience as it had been the first few times; Anita was prepared now. She knew which clients of her London escorts service liked the outdoors, which ones had no consideration for comfort, and liked rough fucks on the snow dusted grass. She knew when she could handle a couple of hours in the chill, and when to say no.

At least she was with Alfred this time. He was fun to work for; more than some of the others that hired her for escorting, at least. Alfred liked to wine and dine before even thinking about putting himself anywhere near her, and she always made fun of him for how gentlemanly he was. Her other clients liked to reserve hotel rooms and cut right to the chase, but Alfred liked the girlfriend experience; sometimes to an extent that felt almost dangerously real.

“There’s no need to be gentle,” Anita breathed into Alfred’s ear as he pressed deep into her, his strokes slow and far too considerate. She was wet, there was no question about that; but he was teasing her, and she was ready for a finish. It may be about his pleasure, but she was fully capable of having more than one orgasm within an hour, and that night would be no different. “Fuck,” she moaned when he quickened his pace a bit, digging her nails into his sides. It still wasn’t enough.

Suck it up, Anita thought to herself as she squeezed her eyes closed. Let him finish first. She would just have to practice her nonexistent patience. It was the downside of being so submissive to men in London that liked to think they had control of every aspect of their lives. As an escort she needed to step up and take control of these situations every now and then.

No time like the present, the voice in her head chanted. Her body pressed into action immediately, her legs wrapping around his waist to allow her enough strength to roll him off her and onto the cold grass underneath them. The surprise on his face was worth the moment of bravado. With a smirk, she climbed on top of him, straddling his waist and tossing blonde hair over her shoulder to allow her a better view.

“You need some lessons,” was all Anita said before reaching between their bodies to wrap her fingers around his length. His eyes widened as he looked at her, though his surprise was overshadowed by how much harder he got in her grip. With careful movements, Anita slid her hand down the length, then lowered herself onto him, wet walls clenching hard around the member as she allowed a soft groan of approval to leave her throat. His length was far more noticeable inside of her when he was this aroused.

All it took was a few sharp twists and rolls of her hips before he was grabbing onto her, stilling her as he let out a loud shout of climax. It was all it took to send her into the same bliss of release, and she forced her hips to move again, fighting against his grip so she could draw out the clenching pleasure in them both. When she finally collapsed on top of him, she heard a huff of strangled air below her, and allowed a smirk to cross her lips once more. She was going to be well worth that five thousand pounds.